The Komondor, called “Kom” for short, is the king of the Hungarian shepherd dogs. These imposing dogs may look like your favorite shaggy carpet, but under their massive mop of fur is a large dog that is ready to defend his family with his life.

While these dogs never forget their duty as a protector of the flock, they always find time to be close with their family. This imposing and dignified breed is a true companion for those looking for a dog that has a larger than life presence and will be a big part of the family. Read on to learn more about the Komondor.

Description of the Komondor

You can’t mistake the Komondor for any other breed. Their large size, unmistakable shaggy coat, and fearless instincts make them a noble and impressive dog to behold.

Their working blood makes them natural athletes and they can spend long days out in the fields. Their natural instinct to guard makes them strong protectors and an excellent choice for those looking for a good guard dog. But this breed is extremely loyal and bonds closely with his family. He is an affectionate and deeply loving dog that is sensitive to the desires of his owners.

These dogs are flock protectors, not herders, and their corded white fur allows them to blend in with the sheep that they protect and gives them the element of surprise should an unsavory predator come lurking. This coat also protects them from all kinds of inclement weather.

Life Expectancy and Size

The Komondor is a rugged breed with few known health problems. They live an average of 10 – 12 years. While they are big dogs, males stand at least 27.5 inches tall, and weigh 100 pounds or more; females stand at least 25.5 inches tall, and weigh 80 pounds or more. The Kom often lives a full life for such a large breed. Working with a reputable breeder who certifies their stock can help ensure you have a healthy puppy.

Protective Ability

The Komondor is a protector. This is their number one duty, and they take it quite seriously. While sweet and mild mannered with the family, the Kom will defend those he loves with his life. You can expect an incredible guard dog that still makes a great family member in this breed.


The Kom is a smart breed. While they are used to being independent thinkers (they were bred to work alone in the fields) using positive, consistent, and patient training will help your Komondor learn quickly and efficiently.

Using treats can be a great way to train this breed. They enjoy working with their humans and treats can make training sessions even smoother. But note that not all Koms are food motivated, so using treats in conjunction with things like games, positive rewards, and consistency is the best approach for your dog.

Energy Level

The Komondor is an athletic dog that needs daily activity. While moderate exercise should be enough to keep these dogs fit and healthy, keeping things interesting is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated as well. Playing games, taking your dog for a long walk, or involving them in certain canine sports can all be great ways to give your dog a workout both mentally and physically.

While the Kom needs moderate daily exercise, they tend to be a more relaxed breed, and love to hang out with the family and lounge around. Just be sure that they don’t get too relaxed, however, as they do need movement to stay healthy. Also, this breed does not tolerate being left alone so be sure to provide them with plenty of companionship.

What Living with a Komondor is Like

The Komondor is a loyal and brave breed – a natural protector that will watch over the family no matter what. You can expect to always have a vigilant guard dog with this breed. But, all duties aside, the Kom makes a friendly, loving, and selfless companion.

They can do well with other dogs, if raised together, but tend to be wary of strange dogs. For this reason, it is best to avoid taking the Kom to a dog park, as they may feel threatened. The Kom can also be good with kids, but play sessions should always be supervised, and kids must be taught how to properly interact with this dog.

This breed is happy to relax and lounge around in more sedentary families. Just be sure to squeeze in enough daily activity to keep your dog healthy.

Care of the Komondor

The Kom is a pretty easy-going dog and can adapt to most situations. They just need lots of companionship and enough exercise. Give them these things and they will be happy and loyal companions for life.

Environmental Needs

The Komondor was bred for cold and nasty weather. Their thickly corded coats protect them against the elements, making them a good choice for cool climates. They can also do moderately well in warm climates. Their white fur reflects the heat, but it is still thick and makes them prone to overheating. Limiting time outside in hot weather is the best way to keep you Kom happy and safe.

Exercise Needs

The Kom is an athletic dog, but is more relaxed in terms of his energy. He needs moderate daily exercise, but also loves to relax and lounge around.
Daily walks, backyard playtime, and certain canine sports are all good choice for the Komondor.

Shedding and Grooming

The cords of the Kom require special care. These dogs should not be brushed, but require frequent bathing. Using diluted shampoo, rinsing thoroughly, and drying completely are all essential in keeping your dog’s coat healthy and smell free.

Ideal Home Environment

These dogs do best in a home where they are a true part of the family. Loyal and loving, the Komondor bonds closely with his family, and needs to have plenty of interaction. Be sure you can provide this to your dog. They can do well with dogs and kids that they are raised with, but should be supervised. They make natural guard dogs and love to protect. As long as they have something to look after and lots of love and affection this breed will be happy.

Health Concerns

There aren’t any known health problems specific to this breed. A reputable breeder will certify their stock as being free of hip dysplasia and eye problems, so make sure you are working with a responsible breeder. The Komondor can be prone to bloat, which can be life-threatening, so be sure to monitor your dog for symptoms.

Behavior Problems

The Kom is a dog that lives for family. They can have major separation anxiety and suffer greatly if not given plenty of attention and companionship. Be sure you can really bring this dog into the family before getting one.

Because of the Kom’s protective instinct, they can be wary and feel threatened by strange dogs and people. Socializing your dog early will help them be open and even-tempered when meeting new people or dogs.