Best Dog Muzzle

Importance of Dog Safety

When it comes to your pet’s safety, you want the best dog muzzle around. Some pet owners use muzzles to keep their dogs from potentially biting other dogs. Others use them to keep their pet from eating things that they shouldn’t, or chewing on themselves or furniture.

Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong muzzle, it can mean danger for your pet, other animals, and even you. Some types of muzzles do not fully protect your pet from eating things. Additionally, a poorly-fitting muzzle might not stay on your dog in a dangerous situation, and could potentially result in bites.

To find the best fit for you and your pet, you need a dog muzzle that fits your dog and works for the purpose intended.

Important Safety Note: If your dog is wearing a muzzle and another dog attacks them, they have no defense. You should ALWAYS carry pepper spray with you when your dog is muzzled for their safety. 

Five Best Dog Muzzle Choices

As a certified dog trainer, I have met many different dogs with different needs, I’ve used this experience to compile a list of the best dog muzzles. When using a muzzle, you will need to slowly desensitize your dog to wearing it.

Each of these products has a certain scenario or feature that sets it apart from the rest: versatility, all-around use, value, etc. It is difficult to provide an all-encompassing choice of which dog muzzle is best, but we have ranked them in terms of quality, price, ergonomy, and more.

Here is our unbiased review of the top 5 best dog muzzle choices available!

All-Around Best Dog Muzzle

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Review Highlights:

“… I’ve finally found one that will fit and stay on! My husky is a huge sweety but he likes to eat really anything he can get his mouth on outside… it keeps him safe while we work on his “don’t eat things that make you sick” training …”

“… No one wants to muzzle their dog but sometimes that is in the best interest of the dog. This fits… Basket muzzles were recomended by our vet because dog’s cool themselves by panting …”

“… This is a very sturdy product that has given me great comfort in helping me socialize my [dog] who is reactive towards other dogs. It looks comfortable and she hasn’t had any sore spots from it rubbing. The price is well worth the quality and peace of mind …”
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It might look a bit scary, but when it comes to safety, security, functional use, and durability, you can’t beat a basket-style muzzle. This product is made with a secure wire enclosure to prevent any possible bites. It provides top-notch protection.

Feature Highlights:

  • Made with lightweight, durable steel.
  • Uses real leather and soft padding for your dog’s comfort.
  • Well ventilated and allows your dog to easily breathe and pant.
  • Sized to allow your dog to easily lick their nose.

For best results, you should measure your dog and choose the correct size based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the size will not fit your dog, simply locate another model on the seller’s page.

With the unique “basket” shape your dog can easily open their mouth to pant. This helps prevent overheating and heatstroke. It also allows your dog to easily drink while wearing the muzzle as well, making it the safest style of muzzle. Recommended for: Dobermans, Pitbulls, Labrador Retrievers, Huskies, and more.

Best Value Dog Muzzle

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Review Highlights:

“… The muzzle’s rubber material is gentle on her skin, despite her pressing against it. It also allows her to easily breathe, eat, drink water, & recieves treats. The muzzle size is snug & well attached …”

“… I am very pleased with the Baskerville rubber ultra muzzle… it has worked like a charm. Thank you, Baskerville, for allowing our “family” to stay together …”

“… We decided to try this muzzle, and we are so glad that we did. I have to say this muzzle has totally changed the quality of our day to day living …”
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This product gives you great value without forfeiting your dog’s safety. It allows your pet to easily breathe and pant using the basket-style shape. With a large opening at the nose, your dog can easily breathe without obstruction.

Feature Highlights:

  • Basket-style shape allows easy panting, drinking, and eating.
  • Easy to heat shape the plastic to fit your dog perfectly.
  • Many different sizes available for different dog breeds.

You can easily choose between six different sizes with comparable dog breeds. However, you should always measure your dog using the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the best fit. A well-fitting muzzle can mean the difference between a successful walk and a dangerous encounter.

When your dog’s safety is at hand, you should spare no expense. However, you won’t have to with this versatile and affordable choice. It gives you a great option without the high cost of some other products. Recommended for: German Shepherds, Bulldogs, Pitbulls, Beagles, and more.

Best Muzzle for Small Breeds

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Review Highlights:

“… This is a huge lifesaver! [My dog] hates to get his hair cut and HATES getting his nails cut. He breathes fine with it on. Awesome product …”

“… [My dog] HATES having her nails trimmed. This fit and worked like a charm. It’s easy to put on and protected us (and her) while we took care of her toes …”

“… grooming my tiny but ferocious papillon is much easier and safer with this muzzle, she doesn’t mind wearing it either …”
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Most muzzles tailor to large “scary” breeds. However, many small breed dogs come packed with attitude as well! This muzzle allows you to safely prevent bites and inappropriate snacking in even the smallest breeds.

Feature Highlights:

  • Soft cloth-style material keeps your dog comfortable.
  • Comes in four different sizes for different dog breeds.
  • Adjustable straps for the most comfortable fit for your pet.

Especially in the case of tiny breeds, you should measure your dog before purchasing. Use the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine which size will fit your dog properly. This will prevent potential injuries due to a poor fit.

I would not recommend leaving this muzzle on for long periods, as it does not allow as much room for panting as a basket-style muzzle does. However, it works perfectly for small breed dogs while training or grooming. Recommended for: Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Rat Terriers, Maltese, and more.

Best Muzzle for Large Breeds

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Review Highlights:

“… This muzzle allows [my dog] to be free in the house without worrying if he’s chewing a table leg, the cord from our massage chair, shoes, or whatever else he can find. He is able to drink, pant, and take a small treat with this muzzle …”

“… It is nice that he can drink and pant with this muzzle since he is in it most of the time… the collar attachment has prevented him from removing the muzzle. I have been happy with this muzzle …”

“… She can still pant, lick her chops, drink water & take treats etc.. with this on. I don’t feel guilty having her wear a muzzle anymore in questionable situations. This is such a relief for both of us, thank you! …”
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This muzzle combines the comfort of a soft muzzle with the safety of a basket-style. It uses soft silicone to protect your dog and others without discomfort. The open shape allows your dog to easily breathe and pant comfortably for top-notch safety.

Feature Highlights:

  • Durable yet flexible silicone construction for your pet’s comfort.
  • Basket-shape design allows your dog to easily drink and pant.
  • Connects to your dog’s collar for added security.

The best way to keep your dog comfortable and safe is to ensure that the muzzle fits before you purchase it. Measure your dog using the manufacturer’s instructions to select the best size for your pet.

Your dog’s safety is the most important aspect of a muzzle. The ability to easily breathe and pant to beat the heat is incredibly important. In this muzzle your dog can also drink easily, further preventing heatstroke while also protecting your pet and working as intended. Recommended for: Boxers, Dobermans, Beagles, Pitbulls, and more!

Best Soft Muzzle

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Review Highlights:

“… This muzzle has worked out perfectly for our needs. It’s very light weight, yet sturdy enough to keep its shape. Keeps him from licking, yet he can still pant and drink …”

“… I’m so glad I ordered this. It’s for my dog that eats disgusting things outside. The muzzle is so lightweight and the mesh fabric is soft. She can still sniff around and do dog stuff …”

“… we are still able to give him treats through it. We wanted something that will stop him from eating random stuff off the street and this looks like it will do the job …”
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Some muzzles can be really intimidating. If you are looking for a soft muzzle for your dog to give them the best comfort while still keeping them safe. This product is the choice for you.

Feature Highlights:

  • All-around protection from biting and chewing.
  • Made with reinforced nylon for long-lasting protection.
  • Adjustable safety strap keeps your pet securely fastened in the muzzle.

This muzzle uses a soft mesh to protect your dog with structured edges to keep its shape. It allows for added breathability so your dog can get plenty of air without also getting biting or chewing access as well.

This product is a great choice if you need a little extra comfort and protection for your dog. It will not allow them to bite or chew, but it doesn’t give quite the same intimidation factor as a basket-style muzzle. It still allows your dog to easily pant and drink while wearing it. Recommended for: Golden Retrievers, Siberian Huskies, Labrador Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, and more.