Best Cat Litter Boxes

Importance of Sanitation

It is incredibly important to keep your pet’s supplies clean and sanitized, which is why you should only browse the best cat litter boxes on the market. These litter boxes help keep your home a little cleaner and easier to manage.

Litter boxes made with shoddy materials simply aren’t going to work well. They can break, spill, or become a cleaning nightmare, wasting your precious time and money.

The best products work use sturdy materials that last for the long haul to make life easier for you. These products cater to different types of cat owners based on their pet’s needs.

The Five Best Cat Litter Boxes

Throughout my years as a certified animal trainer, I have tested and experienced numerous different pet products. I have used that experience to create an all-encompassing guide to the best cat litter boxes on the market.

Each of these products has a certain scenario or feature that sets it apart from the rest: durability, all-around use, value, etc. It is difficult to provide an all-encompassing choice of which product is best, but we have ranked them in terms of quality, price, versatility, ergonomy, and more.

Here is our unbiased review of the top 5 best cat litter boxes available!

All-Around Best Cat Litter Box

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Review Highlights:

“… DO IT! This hidden cat litter box has been an absolute answer to my prayers! Ill never use a regular old litter box ever again in my life!! … we haven’t looked back since!! AMEN! …”

“… My cat and I Love this litter box! It’s very attractive and hides the fact there is a litter box… Everyone who has come to my home doesn’t realize what it is unless I tell them, then they are impressed and think it’s really cool! …”

“… This thing is amazing… this litter box is a wonderful invention, and our place looks SO MUCH BETTER… it’s worlds better than your typical scat box  …”
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Can you get much better than a litter box that doesn’t look like a litter box? This product is a fantastic choice because your guests won’t have a clue that it’s filled with poo! This is great for keeping your home clean and looking great.

Feature Highlights:

  • Large capacity for all cat sizes.
  • Features a one-year limited warranty.
  • Durable material is long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

You really can’t go wrong with this product. The enclosed design helps keep your cat from flinging litter too and fro across your home and reduces tracking of dust. With this litter box, you get all the necessities with a little extra!

This product is great for all manner of homes, but especially useful if you’re low on extra space. When you must have your kitty litter out in the open, why not make sure your home still looks great and no one is the wiser? Recommended for: Cats!

Best Value Cat Litter Box

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Review Highlights:

“… this litter box is amazing. I recommend it we have two cats and this box is
Honestly the best thing ever …”

“… I know what you’re thinking – a litter box is a litter box. I thought that too, I was wrong. The tall walls help keep litter in… This is the best litter box I have ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot …”

“… I am THRILLED!!! No more messes on the walls, no more litter kicked all over the floor! Great price for a great product! Would I buy it again!? In a heartbeat! Highly recommended!!! …”
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The standard, but with a twist. This product provides your cat with a quality litter box, and you with a mess-prevention committee. With this box, you get to save yourself some cash, but your cat and your floors don’t suffer for it!

Feature Highlights:

  • Large container for multi-cat homes and large cats.
  • High sides help prevent spills and messes.
  • Non-stick surfaces make cleanup a breeze.

When it comes to great value, this litter box is a steal. It takes you several steps past your standard “this is literally just a low plastic box” of typical litter boxes. The lower lip allows cats to easily move in and out, but the high sides keep your cat from flinging their litter across the room.

The product’s construction uses durable materials that last. In addition to simple quality, the plastic also has non-stick coating as well so that you can easily clean up any spots that have become saturated. Recommended for: Cats!

Cleanest Litter Box

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Review Highlights:

“… This product is an amazing value. The inside is stick-proof and very easy to clean. Super satisfied …”

“… GUYS I AM SO HAPPY I DID THIS OK. My floor is cleaner and my room smells like I don’t even have a cat box in there for once… it has some kind of filter on it that removes odors …”

“… I absolutely love this litter box. It’s a great color. Very easy to put together and very easy to take apart when it’s time to clean! I’ve tried many liter boxes in the past and this definitely is my absolute favorite! …”
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You seriously cannot beat a litter box that keeps your home cleaner. With this product, you get as close to absolute clean as you can. Because it’s fully enclosed, and it has a door attached, your cat has no method of flinging their poo and litter about your home.

Feature Highlights:

  • Snap-on hood and door keep litter inside the box.
  • Door swings for easy access in and out of the litter box.
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty.

How could you not love this product? It does the absolute best at keeping the cat litter, and the waste, in the litter box where it belongs. Though it’s fully covered and enclosed, this litter box still has a large enough capacity to keep your cat happy.

If you want to really ensure that your home stays squeaky clean, you could even utilize some mats in front of the door so that any minor dust on their paws wipes off on an easy-to-clean surface. Recommended for: Cats!

Best Litter Box for Households with Multiple Cats

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Review Highlights:

“… This box is amazing. You can remove the solids… and dump it. The box is also easy to clean with soap and water… these work much better and are easier to clean… I absolutely love these. So simple! …”

“… I highly recommend this product and it is great if you have more than one litter box in your household. [We] have saved time and money with using this product …”

“… I have a multi cat household and bought one 2 weeks ago. Saves a a lot of time and money. I just ordered another one …”
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The name of the game here is a combination of size and speed. You can use this litter box, or several, and swiftly and easily clean your cat’s waste each day with much less hassle. As you know, the more cats you own, the more cleaning you do!

Feature Highlights:

  • Double pan for waste removal with no scooping.
  • Large design fits cats of all sizes.
  • Pet and eco-friendly materials are safe for your cat and the earth.

Using this litter box makes owning multiple cats much easier to manage. With this product, you can swiftly and easily remove all the clumped waste from your litter box, allowing you to save yourself time and save money on litter as well!

For even better results, you can use this product in reverse. Instead of clumping litter, use pine pellet bedding from any feed and supply store. Scoop out the poop and sift the powdered litter to the bottom. The clean litter stays on top so you save more time and more money! Recommended for: Cats!

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box

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Review Highlights:

“… the litter stays fresh longer than other clay litters… it has done well and requires little maintenance. The cleanup is easy… BUY IT!!! …”

“… honestly, it’s probably the best pet investment I’ve made in a long time… for us, this has been an amazing purchase. I would definitely recommend it …”

“… I am overjoyed by the performance of these machines. There is no litter to scoop or pour… Even with three casts, I only have to go near these self-cleaning litter boxes once every nine or ten days. It has made my life much happier …”
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This self-cleaning litter box is a great choice for most pet owners. It uses crystal litter, which beats out traditional litter on smell and dust, and also makes the automatic cleaning process easy and efficient, saving you time and hassle.

Feature Highlights:

  • Automatically removes the waste for you!
  • Unique crystal litter reduces bad odors.
  • Tray lining prevents leaks and spills to reduce messes.

This product is really a great choice for cat owners because it seriously reduces the amount of cleaning you must do. The self-cleaning mechanism removes waste and the crystal litter helps reduce odors and decrease the amount of sticking on the rake.

Another great benefit to the crystal litter is the clean factor. Because the crystal litter dries out the waste, it effectively traps any odors as well. The crystal litter means that this self-cleaning litter box smells the freshest it can. Recommended for: Cats!