Best Dog Raincoat

Importance of Good Outerwear

Whether you’re hiking or your dog simply dislikes stormy weather, you want the best dog raincoat to keep them protected. Your dog’s specific needs dictate exactly what you should look for in a raincoat, however, here are a few things to avoid.

Poor materials can mean wasted money when it comes to dog raincoats. A product that easily rips or tears quickly becomes less-than-waterproof, resulting in more mess for you to clean up.

When you choose a well-made product that works well for your dog and their needs, it can last you a long period. Picking the best dog raincoat now can mean you save plenty of money in the future!

The Five Best Dog Raincoat Picks

As a certified dog trainer, I have explored a wide variety of different products with clients and my own pets. I’ve used this experience to provide you with an all-inclusive list of the best dog raincoat choices available.

Each of these products has a certain scenario or feature that makes it shine: durability, all-around use, value, etc. It is difficult to provide an all-encompassing choice of which raincoat is best, but we have ranked them in terms of quality, price, versatility, and more.

Here is our unbiased review of the top 5 best dog raincoat choices available!

All-Around Best Dog Raincoat

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Review Highlights:

“… I really liked it because covers his whole body even great part of his tail, perfect design and great quality …”

“… Such a great rain coat for my pup. He loves it too. He does a great job wearing it. It’s perfect for rainy days and not having a wet dog!! …”

“… My [dog] is thrilled with her new, stylish rain jacket. I am happy, too! The product is very sturdy/well made. Surprisingly, it’s not flimsy and stays put …”
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This raincoat is a great all-around pick. Unlike many “standard” products, it uses durable materials that do not wear or tear easily. It also comes in a stylish grey color that beats the typical raincoat yellow!

Feature Highlights:

  • Tough, durable, waterproof material.
  • Reflective strip keeps your dog visible in low light.
  • Adjustable strap stays keeps product securely in place.

This raincoat is a great choice for pet owners. You can use it to keep your pet dry during standard walks, or bring it along to protect your pet from the weather during hikes or while camping. It has durable materials to withstand the elements and a little wear and tear too!

In addition to providing waterproof coverage for your pet, this product also features an adjustable strap to make sure the raincoat stays put. Let’s face it, if the raincoat doesn’t stay on, that kind of defeats the purpose! Recommended for: Pitbulls, Golden Retrievers, Golden Doodles, Huskies, and more.

Best Value Dog Raincoat

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Review Highlights:

“… I have a 60lb pit and she looks adorable in it. Keeps her nice and dry. The quality is really great for the price …”

“… this fit perfectly. He loves it and it definitely helps him go outside in the rain to go the bathroom. We are very happy with this! …”

“… Our big Golden Retriever absolutely adores his new raincoat! He hates the rain and wouldn’t want to go outside during it. But now he can’t wait to wear his raincoat and play outside …”
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This product is a great value pick. It has high-quality material, and features several different sizes and many different colors and patterns. We’ll just say it, these are absolutely adorable, and the price is awesome compared to some of their competitors.

Feature Highlights:

  • Many different sizes, colors, and patterns to fit you and your pet.
  • Reflective strip for increased visibility in bad weather.
  • Adjustable strap keeps the raincoat secure.

We simply have to point out how adorable the different patterns are, and you have so many to choose from! From flowers, to rubber ducks, to plaid, and more, your pet will look stylish and also avoid getting soaked! It’s an adorable choice for a great price!

The reflective strip on the midsection of this product makes for a great safety feature. It increases your pet’s visibility in dark or stormy weather, helping keep them safe. The adjustable strap also keeps the raincoat securely on your pet. Recommended for: Poodles, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Pitbulls, and more.

Most Durable Pick

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Review Highlights:

“… She has been unable to rip that coat and it stays in place quite well. It stays in place much better than the models of raincoat based on the human style and does not come undone on her wide chest. I highly recommend this coat …”

“… We’re really pleased with this raincoat… this coat covers her back all the way to the base of her tail. Don’t hesitate to try it. …”

“… This undoubtedly is the best item I have ever purchased for my two Border Collie Brothers! It is so easy to put on them! So thankful that it fit’s both of them! …”
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This raincoat has sturdy, durable materials that keep your pet dry in even the harshest of weather. It provides great coverage across the entire back and stands up to wear and tear. Overall, it keeps protects even the most rambunctious of pets!

Feature Highlights:

  • Uses dense, durable, waterproof material.
  • Features two adjustable locations for best fit.
  • Reflective trim increases your pet’s visibility in low light.

Toss out that flimsy raincoat and run, don’t walk, to replace it with this. This product uses durable-yet-insulating material to protect your dog from the elements while also keeping them cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

You can adjust both the neck and the abdomen for the very best fit for your pet. These added adjustments also help keep the coat securely fastened on your dog so you can avoid messes and mishaps in the rain! Recommended for: German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pitbulls, Boxers, and more.

Best Large Breed Choice

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Review Highlights:

“… FINALLY!!! Found a rain jacket that actually fit my dog. We have a Great Pyrenees and we have tried multiple rain jackets that have either been so short or not wide enough. This jacket is a great fit …”

“… Adorable and functional raincoat for the big ball of fluff in your life! Rugged, well-constructed, and NO SMELL! …”

“… This fits perfectly with room to spare. We recently had torrential downpours with strong winds and this jacket stayed in place and kept him fully dry. Well worth it & recommended! …”
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Jumbo-sized dogs mean jumbo-sized cleanups in bad weather, but not anymore. Many large breed owners suffer through raincoats that don’t cover their entire dog. This product fits even the largest breeds to keep them nice and dry!

Feature Highlights:

  • Durable waterproof material.
  • Made specifically for extra-large breeds.
  • Included carrying case is convenient for traveling!

This raincoat provides your large breed dog with full coverage from weather. It protects the entirety of your dog’s back from weather using durable waterproof materials. If your dog weighs over 80 lbs. or has an incredibly large frame, this raincoat is for you!

In addition to actually protecting your dog from the weather, this coat also features a convenient carrying case. The lightweight, breathable material easily folds up until you need to use it! Recommended for: Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Boxers, Border Collies, and more.

Best Small Breed Choice

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Review Highlights:

“… Absoulty love this! … this really help my [dog] fur from wet and dirty underbelly. Quality of this is absolutely an A+! …”

“… I love this little rain jacket for my puppy. Fits him perfectly. It feels like quality material and looks like it will protect him in the rain …”

“… I was legitimately surprised by how high quality this is. It’s sturdy and well made… it fits exactly as the chart says. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one …”
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If you have a small breed dog, you might have a hard time finding a raincoat that fits your pet well. This coat comes in several sizes to best fit your pet. It also features a zipper on the underside to keep your dog’s belly dry as well.

Feature Highlights:

  • Durable water-resistant material keeps your dog dry.
  • Features slot for leash attachment.
  • Adjustable neck and back ensures a secure fit.

This product features a chart to ensure you choose the best fit for your pet. The product also allows you to adjust the neck and the hind-end to keep your pet fully protected from the elements. With the added adjustable bands, you can ensure the raincoat doesn’t slip and slide on your small dog.

Many small breeds end up with wet bellies when walking in the rain or snow because raincoats typically only cover the back. This product zips up along the chest to provide full coverage from the elements! Recommended for: Yorkies, Pugs, Maltese, French Bulldogs, and more.