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Closeup of a GoldfishPhoto by: subflux


The Goldfish is a species of domestic fish best known for its bright colors and patterns. Humans have bred into these fish an immense...
Giant SnakeheadPhoto by: Schristia


A Snakehead is any of a number of different species in the Channidae family. You can recognize these fish by their elongated bodies and...
Mountain Redbelly DacePhoto by: Scott Wilson


The Dace is a large minnow. People refer to a number of different species by this name, mostly those of the carp and minnow...
Exotic Koi fishPhoto by: Alexas_Fotos


The Koi, or Japanese Koi, is a domestic variant of the Amur carp. Generally, these fish have brightly-colored scales with various patterns. Many variants...
Carp photographed in a Japanese garden pondPhoto by: Jamie Nakamura


A Carp is any number of fish in the Cyprinidae family. Researchers recognize many different species in the family, all of which originate in...

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