Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is a particularly thick spaniel, with big bones and a powerful build. Like other sporting dogs, their breeding was for hunting birds. At home, they make mellow companions. Always steady, they also have a rambunctious side. Read on to learn more about the Clumber Spaniel.

Description of the Clumber Spaniel

These dogs are startlingly solid for those familiar with most sporting dogs. They may look a little chubby, but chances are it’s really just their big bones. Their stature gave them the power necessary to make it through tight underbrush.

The Duke of Newcastle developed the Clumber breed, and it later became popular with royals. It’s no wonder, either. These are not only capable hunters, but also superb family dogs. They toe the line between gentle and fun loving quite nicely.

This breed is known for its long, silky coat typical of many spaniels. Their hair is white with either lemon or orange markings.

Life Expectancy and Size

Unfortunately, this breed has a variety of health issues, some of which shorten their lifespan. Most Clumbers live between 10 and 12 years.

These are medium size dogs, standing 17 to 20 pounds and weighing in at a hefty 55 to 85 pounds.

Protective Ability

This breed is not known for its bite or its bark. Most Clumbers range from friendly to reserved with strangers. They are a particularly quiet breed and do not take their duties as a watchdog very seriously.


These dogs are quite intelligent. They have the potential to learn a lot. However, they require a competent teacher. It is important to convince the Clumbers to do what you’re asking. In addition to praise, treats can be a great asset. If Clumbers understand what’s in it for them, they will quickly oblige.

Like most terriers, this breed is highly distractible. Keep training sessions short and interesting to avoid boredom. Even if you become frustrated, it is important to remain positive. Most Clumbers will simply shut down at harsh words. Instead of disobeying, they may plant themselves on the ground and refuse to do anything at all.

Energy Level

When young, these spaniels are as rambunctious as any other. However, as they age, they tend to mellow out.

All Clumber Spaniels are quite physically capable. After all, they were bred to be effective hunters. Some adults may need to be convinced to exercise, which is vital to keeping them fit and healthy. This breed has a back susceptible to injury. Muscle tone can help avoid problems.

What Living with a Clumber Spaniel is Like

This breed is a great choice for families. Clumbers make sturdy, yet playful companions for children. As long as they receive some daily exercise, they can adapt to athletic owners or couch potatoes.

Unfortunately, health problems shorten the Clumber’s life, and they are not expected to live past 12 years, and may have complications early on.

Care of the Clumber Spaniel

These dogs require special attention to their fitness and coats. However, their lovely personalities may make up for the trouble.

Environmental Needs

These dogs are adaptable to most environments. Their long hair is able to protect them from underbrush, cold, and sun. They are particularly well adapted to swimming, and enjoy even chilly water.

Exercise Needs

Directed exercise is important for the Clumber Spaniel. Youngsters are rambunctious, but many adults mellow out with age. This may mean that they prefer to laze around the house, especially if their owners aren’t proactive.

To ensure his healthy development and aging, provide your Clumber with a daily exercise routine. They love long walks with their owners, but will not exercise themselves in the yard.

Many individuals enjoy games, especially fetch and other opportunities to retrieve. They’ll especially enjoy this activity in the water! Swimming is a perennial favorite.

Shedding and Grooming

Spaniels’ luscious locks come with a price. They’re high shedding and require some specific grooming techniques to remain presentable.

Comb the hair once a week or so to avoid tangles. Trim and bathe as needed. Take extra care to clean the Clumber’s wrinkles of skin with a damp cloth and dry them thoroughly. This will help to avoid a bad smell and infection.

The Clumber is particularly susceptible to ear infection. To avoid this, trim his hair away from the ears, and keep the canals free of dirt and debris.

Ideal Home Environment

This breed is popular with families, especially suburbanites that have some outdoor space. Great with kids and adaptable to various activity levels, Clumbers can thrive in a variety of situations.

This dog will do particularly well in a home that takes his health concerns seriously.

Health Concerns

This breed is known for a variety of health problems. They are prone to ear infection, hip problems, and anemia. Some also have eye issues, including eyelids that curl in or outward. This is known as “Entropion.”

Puppies may face issues if they grow too fast too quickly. Clumbers are particularly known for back issues. Take care with strenuous exercise and jumping, especially during puppyhood.

Owners also report thyroid problems and sulfa allergies.

Behavior Problems

Overall, this breed is quite easy to manage. Puppies may be rambunctious and clumsy, but usually grow out of any destructive behaviors.